Digital Media Tools

Autor(s) Nigel Chapman

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Editora: Wiley
Ano: 2007
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ISBN: 9780470012277
Categoria(s) Multimédia
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Digital Media Tools is a clearly focussed introduction to the major software tools used for creating digital graphics, multimedia and Web pages. There are substantial chapters on each of the industry-leading applications such as Photoshop or Flash, plus an introductory chapter on the common interface elements. Readers will acquire a basic fluency with these important tools, learn what they do best and what their limitations are. The book is lavishly illustrated throughout, and files are provided on the supporting web site for students to work through all the major examples themselves. The approach is highly practical and founded in the authors’ extensive experience with these tools, but also supported by a thorough understanding and explanation of the technical and theoretical issues underpinning their use.

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